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2016-01-15 12:46:00

5 Tips for Vivacious Skin This Valentine’s Day

by Fiona

Valentine’s Day is on its way, and whether you’re loved up or not it’s the perfect excuse to ramp up your skincare regime. Get ready girls - Cupids’ arrow is poised and your skincare regime is the first target!

Revamp your skincare inventory

Just like Christmas and birthdays, Valentine’s Day is a fabulous excuse to treat yourself to some goodies. This year, why not splash out on a new skincare regime? Rather than settle for run of the mill high street products packed full of chemicals, give your skin the TLC it deserves by upgrading to 100% organic, all natural ingredients. Trust us, your skin will fall head over heels for your new stash.

Learn to love mineral makeup

If you want to emit a glorious glow this Valentine’s Day, mineral makeup is a must have secret weapon. The natural ingredients let the skin breathe while creating flawless coverage that you can set off with a slick of organic eye and lip product. Let’s face it, healthy skin has no need for oil, talc, dyes, chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens and faux fragrances.

You are what you eat

If you want to glow with health on Valentine’s Day keep a close eye on your water intake, as well as what you eat. Hydration is an essential part of the skin repair process, while nourishing your body with nutrient rich foods is a guaranteed path to radiance. Think avocados, spinach, sunflower seeds, kale, blueberries and sweet potato. Yum!

Give your skin a breather

If you want to exude irresistibility, try giving your skin a breather in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. This means no makeup, just an all-natural skin care regime that leaves you with a squeaky clean complexion that’s ready for a slick of Valentine’s Day glamour.

Love the skin you’re in

Our number one tip for Valentine’s Day skin that glows with perfection is to love the skin you’re in. Remember, that blemish or wrinkle may seem like the end of the world but at the end of the day, you’re beautiful just the way you are! Love yourself, and love from others will follow.

Whether you’re going on a hot date, spending a night out on the town with the girls or simply plan to snuggle up with a good film, take the time to give your skin the love it deserves this V Day.

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