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2018-10-12 13:39:32


by Schmoo Skincare

Through the harsh weathers of Autumn and Winter your skin can become defenceless, which is why it’s important to look after it. One step that is vital to the protection and hydration of the skin is cleansing. Cleansing is the process (and the name is in the title) of cleansing impurities from the skin, leaving it feeling and looking Schuper fresh! Our Honey & Oatmeal Cleanser is the perfect product to use at this time of year as Honey works as a natural antiseptic, effectively helping to soothe and heal minor skin irritations as they become aggravated by the harsh, colder weather. This water-soluble cleanser will also work to gently remove any make-up, purifying the skin, without stripping it of its natural Schmootiful oils.

Our Honey & Oatmeal Cleanser is an ideal tool to have in any skincare regime, but only if it is used to its full potential. We suggest gently warming the cleanser through your palms and massaging it over the face and neck, concentrating on areas that hold impurities. It’s also important to recognise that a cleanser takes time to work its magic, so be sure to leave it on for a few minutes. This will allow it to soak into the skin and draw any impurities out. Then, to remove the cleanser, use a cotton wool pad and warm water to gently wash away the product from the skin, leaving it feeling Schmootifully soft and refreshed.

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