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2018-11-28 11:19:15

Taking Care Of Ageing Eyes

by Schmoo Skincare
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The final step to our Vitamin Rich skincare routine for November is to treat your eyes to a refresh. So far we have taken care of your skin by exfoliating, cleansing, splashing & hydrating with our moisturiser, but now it’s time to take an extra bit of care for your eyes. Your eyes are often the first element of your face to start showing signs of ageing, so taking care of them is vital.


Our Vitamin rich Eye Cream is packed full of ingredients that are key to keeping your eyes looking younger than ever. We use Organic Shea Butter to penetrate the skin without blocking the pores, Argan & Arnica Oil for dark circles & Green Tea Extract which is great for anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and is a powerful antioxidant. To top it off, it’s full of Passion Fruit Extract which is a great source of Vitamin C, which contributes towards the stimulation of collagen production. And we all know, more collagen production leads to the plumping out of fine lines & wrinkles, meaning healthier looking skin.


To use, gently smooth a small amount around the eye area to plump up the dehydration lines, leading back to younger looking skin. We recommend applying our Vitamin Rich anti-ageing Eye Cream after cleansing to get the best results.


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